Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt
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Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt

Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt

On Tuesday 16th October 2018 our part in the Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt was a success.

The world record attempt was organised by Whitby Morrion of Crewe. It is the leading manufacture and producer of Ice Cream Vans. Thought up by Ed Whitby one of the sons of the family run business. He got in touch with The Guinness World Record boffins. They came back to Ed to confirm there was no existing record and started to think up of the rules.

Of course with it being The Official Guinness Book of Records the rules were very strict. They had set out a minimum of 50 vehicles to attend the convoy. The convoy would consist of the 50 or more vehicles and would have to travel a minimum of 2 miles and not leave a gap of more than 10 meters.

Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt

Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt

If these rules were to be broken the attempt would of been void and would of had to begin the attempt again. We arrived at the designated land the attempt would take place at. It was in Nantwhich at Wychwood park. With a huge amount of grounds needed to attempt this. Mr Whippy Ice Cream Cheshire arrived with 3 of the flagship vehicles of our fleet to be apart of this attempt.

The time was set and at 9:30am the first attempt started. Our 3 vehicles representing our company and industry. Managed to be chosen to sit in 8th, 9th & 10th positions. Of course the minimum was set that 50 vehicles were needed for the attempt to be official. Ed at Whitbys managed to conjure together a whopping 90 to take part.

Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt

90 Ice Cream Vans all at the same places at the same time. Meant it was going to take organised chaos to get the this to work. As we set off for the first attempt it was clear from the off that with the excitement and energy around that people had forgotten one clear rule. Do not stray more than 10 meters apart.

Around 2 minutes into the first attempt the Official Guinness Book of Record adjudicator informed the lead vehicle to stop the attempt as a gap of more than 10 meters had been spotted which void the attempt.

Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt

So attempt number 2 started. This time with every driver clear on the rules set out. It slowly rolled off the start point. This time it was looking great and with the 85 vehicles that turned up on the day slowly at 5 mph driving round the 2 mile course. A problem accrued one of the vehicles taking part broke down half way round the course. Again with clear instructions that if this did happen we were allowed to go round the vehicle. The 10 meter gap didn’t apply until the vans caught up to the next one in front.

After roughly 25 minutes of driving at a agonising 5 mph we hit the finish line. All the 84 vehicles were parked up. We waiting for the official verdict from the adjudicator. With media from up and down the country in attendance it was officially announced.

It was a brand new World Record set.

Ice Cream Van World Record AttemptIce Cream Van World Record Attempt

Ice Cream Van World Record Attempt

It was a great day out for all involved and will be possibly a 1 in a lifetime chance to have taken part. We are pleased to announce our company is now officially a Guinness Book Of Record Holder. Unfortunately we wont be in this years book but we will proudly be in next years. So when the date is set we will certainly purchasing our copy.

Below are a few links to news channels etc of videos of the attempt so please do go and have a look. It was such a great site to see.

Cheshire News Video

YouTube Clip

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