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Product Promotion

Product Promotion

Did someone mention in your company they need good ideas for Product Promotion?

Well with your products and our Mr Whippy Ice Cream we feel it’s a great way to combine both for a force to be reckoned with. Whether you have a new range of perfume you want people to smell, to just  general brand awareness.

We can tailor make a package to your needs.

Product Promotion

How It Works – Your all set in releasing your new product to the world but need to give it that extra buzz surrounding it. How about on your social media pages and website site advertising a FREE ice cream give away.

In return for the free ice cream they have to sign up to your news letter, like you on social media in exchange for the ice cream. This way you are still receiving something to benefit your company in exchange for the FREE ice cream.

After all when people see FREE the flock in numbers. We know we have seen this many times before. So whether you make a mini tour of it travelling around for a week or just want to target a specific area we are the answer for you.

No input or help is required by you. We send the brand new Mercedes Benz Mr Whippy Ice Cream Van. With a highly trained, fully uniformed and DBS checked member of staff. With stock to feed the planet with so don’t worry we wont run out.

Product Promotion

Add the little extra touch of your brand to the ice cream. From personalised napkins, to small ice cream tubs. Where ever you can think to get your brand seen more we can do this. Want the staff to wear your uniform? Supply us with it and not a problem it looks like your brand has it’s very own ice cream van!

If this sounds something you’d like to discuss with us contact us today for more information. Printing for certain branding products can vary on time to be delivered so the sooner you get organised the better.


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