Our Fleet Mr Whippy Cheshire

Our Fleet Mr Whippy Cheshire


Our Fleet Mr Whippy Cheshire Our Fleet Mr Whippy Cheshire Our Fleet Mr Whippy Cheshire Our Fleet Mr Whippy Cheshire


The Fleet Mr Whippy Cheshire

Our Fleet Mr Whippy Cheshire. Here you can see and read about what we have to offer. We take great pride in offering the very best of the best. This is why over average age of our fleet is just 4 years old (Not including the classics).

We are continuously upgrading and replacing our vehicles to help maintain not only our image. Also our reliability. As with anything the newer the vehicles it’s highly unlikely they are to breakdown. Along side our high level of maintenance this has been a 100% success rate. With Zero breakdowns on events for well over 10  years. In addition with the new vehicles it means we always have the very best in technology for the industry.

Brand new Carpigiani Rapida 2 ice cream machines. Exclusive to Whitby Morrison vehicles. The equipment on board is designed and engineered to keep up with high demand.

Around 800-1200 Items per hour can be served at peak times. No other machines can give such a big output without sacrificing quality.

This is just one of many reasons why we are the best!.

Mr Whippy Cheshire

Modern Vehicles

The chassis we tend to opt for as the build quality is far superior. Is the German engineered. Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Used globally the Sprinter has been around since 1995. Making it one of the best work horses for many decades.

We take the chassis to the leading manufacture of Ice cream Vans. Whitby Morrison.

Choosing the layout style colours etc is all part of a long process to produce such a wonderful vehicle. Currently on offer are 2 body styles the Mondial Lusso and the Amalfi. These bodies are only seen on our new side of our fleet. These are the latest and best in our industry.

The Classics

For the classic side of the Fleet we have a few choices. From The Commer to the Bedford CF. These iconic vans have been fully restored. Making sure they have all the latest machines to cope with the demand on events. Secondly we don’t just want them too look pretty. Most importantly they still have a job to do.

As you can see from the photo’s above. You have a little more knowledge of what we have on offer. So contact us via the Get a Quote Page. Simply fill the form in and we do the rest.